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2022 Showcase Home "The Flagship"

2022 Showcase Community 

Parade of Home FAQs



A Note to Builder Participants,

The 2022 Flagler Parade of Homes Staff is working hard to ensure the 28th Annual Parade of Homes features our local builders beautiful work for the public to view, enjoy and most importantly, BUY!  Keeping the spirit of the Parade in mind, we are constantly looking for even better ways to promote Parade homes and to provide Parade Builders with more value as you will see with some of our changes this year.  

This year, you will notice the application has been updated and put online in an effort to streamline communication and make the process easier for builders. 

Don’t have a model or spec home? No worries! Any Single Family, Multi-Family, Custom Home or Community Entry may be entered within the virtual entry category. Traffic will be driven to your Website and Sales Center, or direct phone.  The purpose of this entry is for builders and developers to take full advantage of the Flagler HBA Parade of Homes Marketing opportunity during a period when no specs or models are available for public view. Virtual Entry criteria will consist of Elevation Photos or Renderings and floor plans, just like a normal entry. You may also include Photos and Matterport Virtual Tours if this is a plan you have built before, or Digital Representation of a to be built custom home. Links to Electronic visuals will be displayed with your entry online. These will not be open to the public. Non entries cannot be open in same community as virtual entry.

*If you need a photographer, please contact the HBA office to be connected with our exclusive Parade of Homes Photographer*

This year we have also added a Custom Project Category. Renovation entries are given the same marketing opportunities and appearance in the magazine, app and website. They will not be open to the public. Before and after photos are required to be posted on the entrants’ website for the public to see. A photo of the final remodel is required as the official entry photo unless you use a rendering. The project must be no older than 3 years from start date of the Parade. These projects will have the option to be judged virtually within the category. The Parade Committee will decide whether to accept or decline remodel entries based on the scope of work and budget. All entry rules apply.

Entry Types:

Regular Entry $3,000

Regular 2nd Entry $1,750

Regular 3+ Entries $1,250

Late Entry $3,500

Virtual Entries $1,500

Custom Home Entry $3,500- Custom Builders - a custom home vacant or occupied less than 3 years old from Parade start date.

- Includes virtual judging – will be eligible to receive award recognition (custom homes will only be judged against other custom homes)

- Inclusion in magazine, app & website (address omitted if wanted)

- Company Feature in Marketing

Custom Project Entry $1,200 - Contractors/Sub-Contractors - a custom project less than 3 years old from Parade start date.

- Vendor Feature in marketing

- Entry will be judged virtually within category and eligible to receive award recognition

- Before / After photos, description of job done

Not a Flagler HBA Member yet, but want to participate in the Parade? 

Add $645 to your total for entry and an receive an automatic year membership to the Flagler HBA in addition to Parade entry.

Rules & Regulations

1. New Home Specifications. The home I am entering in the 2022 Parade of Homes:

(a) has not previously been occupied and will not be occupied during the Parade.

(b) is located within the boundaries of FLAGLER COUNTY (with exceptions along the Flagler/Volusia County Lines)

(c) will be open for the entire Parade of Homes promotion during ALL official Parade days and hours

(d) will be available to the public without admission charge. I, or my representative, know that we are expected to be present during ALL official Parade days and hours; however, should your entry not be open for any reason it is your responsibility to post notice for the public to know why and when you will be returning.

Note: **For these purposes, home is defined as “house and lot in a residentially zoned area or located on a residential zoned property and situated on a permanent foundation”

2. Fee Schedules. Payment is due when entry is submitted. For the advertising and promotional expense of the Parade, I agree to pay the entry fee. This entry fee and all materials are due by the dates listed below: If payment does not accompany the original paperwork at the time of entry due to extenuating circumstances, the HBA may extend the payment for members in good standing. If it is not paid before the next deadline given by the HBA, then that entry will be charged a late fee of $500. If it is not paid before March 18th,2022, the entry will be pulled from the Parade. Builder must notify the HBA in writing requesting any payment exceptions. All entry fees are nonrefundable for any reason, including incomplete and/or disqualified entries.

Entry Deadline:

3. Entry Materials: I understand the materials that need to be submitted ONLINE. Checks may be sent to the HBA office at 4863 Palm Coast Parkway, NW, #1 Palm Coast. The below items (included in online application) MUST be submitted.

A. This contract and entry form.

B. Entry fee according to submission date

C. Floor plan, emailed to flaglerhba@gmail.com or preferably uploaded with your application online. We cannot use paper copies.

D. Completed application.

4. The HBA Provides: For my entry fee, I understand that: My Parade Homes information will be featured on www.FlaglerParadeofHomes.com as well as links to the parade site from: www.flaglerhba.com and on the Flagler Parade of Homes Mobile App.

My entry will have an Entry Page in the Parade Magazine featuring exterior photo or rendering, directions and special features about my Parade home. My first entry will have a double page entry in the Official Magazine. Additional entries are right sided, single page—you may purchase the adjoining page for advertisement for $1000.

I will be given a Parade entry sign which must be placed in the front yard of my Parade home. "Directional" signs will be available at the Flagler HBA Office the week prior to the Parade as specified in the deadlines above. I will have Parade Magazines for distribution in my Parade home (to be picked up with Directional signs).

5. Proof of Entry Page. I understand that a proof of the information that will make up the Entry Page in the Parade Magazine will be e-mailed to me by the HBA. I will return the proof to the HBA by the date specified with the proof. If a signed proof is not returned by this date, the HBA and the Executive Committee may make no additional attempt to contact me and any mistakes in the Parade publications are my sole responsibility and liability. I further understand that the “Executive Committee/Publisher/ Executive Officer” retains the right to edit any information it deems inappropriate for publication in the Parade publications.

6. Inspections. I understand that Parade home sites may be inspected by the Executive Committee / Executive Officer to determine potential for completion by show dates. If, at the time of site inspection, my site is still empty or my home is over 2,000 sq. ft. and is not in the framed and roofed stage, the Parade Committee is hereby authorized, at its discretion, to pull the home from the Parade. No refund will be given.

7. Ready for Viewing by the Public. I understand that ready for viewing by the public is defined as: The exterior complete and primary "living areas" open for viewing with the front and side yards landscaped and the back yard in the final grade stage. The interior, exterior, driveways, sidewalks, and garages will be safe and free from debris. I understand that the landscaping MUST be completed with a "finished look," to include shrubs or flowers. Plain dirt from the street to the house is not acceptable. Decorating the Parade home is strictly my decision and responsibility. The home may be shown unfurnished, partly furnished, or furnished.

8. Direct Access from the Street. I understand that my Parade house must have direct access from the street. The public must not be directed to my Parade house through a model home or sales office. Please do not use the Parade to promote other built homes without paying the fee. The Parade of Home is the largest funding for your HBA Budget annually and it crucial to the success of your HBA.

9. The Parade, a Promotional Event. I understand that the Parade of Homes is a promotional event to spur the sale of new homes to the public. The event is free to the public. I also understand that communication (especially problems) with the Executive Committee and Executive Officer

(Annamaria Long & Ashley Werfel, 386-445-9399), is critical for the success of this promotional event. Cell: 386-864-2750

The terms “Parade of Homes,” “Parade” or the Parade of Homes logo may be used by any official Parade Entry for promotion in print or media advertising, news or feature articles in the print or media, etc. promoting your entry in the Parade of Homes. The Parade of Homes IS TRADEMARKED and will be displayed/printed, etc. as: Parade of Homes™

10. Penalties. I understand that if my home is not ready for public viewing as specified in #7 above and has not been withdrawn in writing by the deadlines listed, I may lose the privilege of being in the 2022 Parade. If my home is not ready for judging, I will notify the Flagler Home Builders Association as soon as possible. I understand that if my home is NOT judged it will not receive any type of award.

11. Signage Policy. Entry signs will be available for pick up at the HBA Office on April 18th,19th & 20th, 2022 (prior to judging).

The entry yard sign must be placed in front of my Parade entry on April 15th and will be left up for the duration of the event. I understand that “Directional” signs will be available to pick up April 18th,19th & 20th. I will remove my yard sign in a timely manner. *(directional signs may not be displayed PRIOR to the beginning of the Parade on April 23rd or AFTER the Parade on May 1st at 5pm. Do not place signs in the right of way. We recommend bringing signs in each evening. I understand that the entry & directional signs are to be taken back to the Flagler HBA Office immediately after the Parade.

I understand that if I use all or part of a parade sign including logo to promote my own non-parade home during the Parade, I could be prohibited from entering future Parades.

12.Gated Communities/ Neighborhood Covenants & Restrictions: If there are special requirements to gain entrance into the Parade Entry, please provide the necessary information to the HBA Office ASAP. It is the responsibility of the Builder/Entrant to obtain any and all permissions for the Parade of Homes entry and to ensure the community allows Parade traffic/signage. Flagler HBA must have a copy of this permission on file.

13.The Awards Competition (Judging Policies).

Ready for Judging. I understand that Ready for Judging is defined as: (1) the home must be “ready for viewing” as defined in item #7. CO is required prior to your entry being open to the public.

Prices of the homes for judging purposes must be certified with honor. The certified price must reflect the normal pricing methods that the Builder uses when determining fair market value. See Page 6, for complete information about the Certified Pricing Form.

Out-of-Market Builders, individuals in the sale and marketing of new homes field, developers, etc. will judge the entries April 15th.

2022. The decision of the judges is final. The Executive Committee/HBA Staff has NO say in the judging.

The home must be open 8:30am until 4pm on April 15th for judging. * REALTOR judging will occur at same time as HBA judging.

If the home is locked, it will NOT be judged. No one may be in the home during judging except the driver and the judges. When the judges arrive, if the home is not vacated upon request, the home will not be judged.

The parade entry sign must be in place in front of the Parade entry in order for the home to be judged.

The Grand Award in each category will be awarded. In addition, a blue ribbon sign to be placed in front of their entry will be awarded. The blue-ribbon sign MUST be removed on/by Dec. 31st, 2022. PLESAE DO NOT DISPLAY PREVIOUS AWARDS.

All homes must be constructed and finished to professional standards and in accordance with all recognized codes, ordinances, and restrictive covenants.

4. Photography: Deadline for all Exterior photos (or professional renderings) is March 4th. All Interior photography for videos is to be completed and at HBA Office by 5pm. If you are entering the same home as 2021 you may use those photos or choose to have new ones taken. You may use your own photographer or you can notify Flagler HBA to connect you with a professional photographer. IF interior is not ready for photos by March 4th, it will be your responsibility to have the interior shots taken and sent to Flagler HBA for and your video to be made. If photos are not to the Flagler HBA in a timely manner it will delay your video being posted on the Flagler Parade website app. social media, etc.

16. Indemnification. I do hereby certify that: The home to be placed in the 2022 Parade of Homes is the result of an original design, that I have obtained the legal rights to use the design from the copyright owner and to the design as represented in the structure, plans, specifications, and drawings for the home. I further represent that I have not pledged, assigned, or encumbered the rights to the design and that such design does not violate any copyright, property, or common-law rights of others. I hereby indemnify and hold harmless the HBA from any and all claims of third parties, including, but not limited to, copyright infringement or conversion, which may be asserted as a result of the inclusion of the home in the Parade or the inclusion of elevations or floor plans of the home in any publication of the HBA or in conjunction with the 2022 Parade of Homes.

I agree to indemnify and hold the HBA harmless from and against all claims, losses, costs, damages, expenses and liabilities for bodily injury, death, or property damage, arising out of or in connection with any and all occurrences on or about the home, caused in whole or in part by the other. I do further promise to have a liability insurance policy in effect covering the Parade Home during the time of the Parade and will provide a copy of a Certificate of Insurance to the HBA with the Flagler HBA and the Parade of Homes noted as “Additional insured” with entry, but no later than March 12th, 2022.

17.Acts of God. I agree that, if an Act of God prevents performance by the HBA or me, then that failure of performance shall not constitute a breach of this Contract.

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